Automotive Detailing Course

training - 40 hours

With a 40 hour outlined course designed for you, we cover the following topics in auto detailing:

A. Interior Detailing

  • Learn how the experts clean all types of interior materials
  • Then get tips and tricks that a professional uses to efficiently detail interiors
  • Headliner detailing
  • Odor removal
  • Salt stain removal
  • Learn how to properly clean a windshield with a streak free shine
  • Learn to use many of the industries top detailing equipment and supplies

B. Exterior Detailing

  • Learn how to properly wash and inspect the exterior of a vehicle
  • How to clay bar a vehicle
  • How to wax a vehicle
  • Wash and properly clean rims
  • Learn how to treat tires and rims after the wash
  • Learn how to polish chrome
  • Headlight restoration
  • Use the industries best products

C. Paint Correction

  • earn the different types of paints
  • Find out how to safely paint correct vehicles
  • Learn to effectively correct some of the worst conditions of paint
  • Learn to remove scratches safely
  • Find out how the top detailers achieve the deepest gloss and shine
  • Use all the different brands of equipment and get to see what works best for you

D.  Engine Bay Detailing

  • Learn the importance of engine bay detailing
  • Learn how to properly prep the engine before washing
  • Learn on how to safely and properly wash an engine bay
  • Use the latest equipment and supplies to efficiently and effectively wash and engine
  • Protect and dress all plastics and rubber in the engine bay

E.  Rim Repair

  • Learn on how to repair curb rash on alloy rims
  • Learn to polish chrome to fix their tarnished look
  • Repair and fix rims to looks as good as new
  • Add to your profit zone and skill set