Paintless Dent Repair Course

training ยท 40 hours

Paintless dent repair is a skill and an art that is very profitable. With the right eye and feel of this trade, you will open up a huge earning potential. With so many door dings, hail damage, small accidents etc., you will learn the fundamentals of repairing these damages without having to send the vehicle to a body shop. This is where your sale becomes easier. Body shops generally repair dents by using the traditional body filler, sand and repaint, which can devalue the vehicle and cost more than a paintless dent repair technician to repair. So owners would turn to a paintless dent technician to massage the dent out without having to repaint any body panels!

With a 40 hour outlined course designed for you, we cover the fundamentals of paintless dent repair. We show you how to repair the typical door ding, body line dents, extreme hail damage, vertical and horizontal creases and all aspects of glue pulling using dent lifters, t-pullers and glue pulling slide hammers.

Automotive Specialty Training teaches students step-by-step how to remove small dents on top and side panels, and how to tackle more elaborate repairs such as hail damage, large dents and vertical and horizontal crease dents. In addition, students learn techniques for removing more complex damage on all areas of the vehicle, both foreign and domestic including aluminum panel repair. Tool selection, access, brace configurations, side impact air bags and the inner workings of side panels are taught in the greatest detail.

You will be working on actual panels and doors and be taught mostly hands on by our trainers. With a course designed for you we will provide you the feedback to help guide you through this course. Remember practice makes perfect and with PDR this is 100% true. So it's important that even after the course you practice on many vehicles to perfect the art of paintless dent repair.